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You are regularly subjected to audits and compliance work. They add significant strain to your internal resources. These exercises also generate lots of frustrations to management as auditors often expose findings without the appropriate business context or real business risk. 

Preparing for audits before the audit team starts hunting for gaps in your environment is critical. You will avoid surprises and demonstrate to auditors, clients and senior management that you have your environment adequately managed and under control.

Don't wait for a failed audit report to take action. Prepare in advance: less auditing cycles, less findings exposed, less money wasted.

Strata has worked in pre-audit situations to prepare clients and minimize time spent with auditors, or post-audit to address management's concerns with poorly communicated audit results. 

We deliver value by:

  • Assigning an auditor or certified assessor to prepare and represent the client's interests prior to an audit

  • Understanding and minimizing the scope of audits and assessments

  • Clarifying the letter and spirit of audit standards, in preparation to discussions or negotiations with clients, auditors or assessors

  • Determining the right amount of documentation or evidence required for the audit exercise

  • Reviewing system configurations and internal controls for adequacy and completeness

  • Proposing remediation strategies to meet audit requirements

  • Assisting with hands-on post-audit remediation, prioritizing audit findings and closing gaps

  • Establishing compensating controls when an audit requirement cannot be met due to business reasons

Independent consultation and remediation | Segregation of duties from your audit company | Due diligence and oversight.

Our mission is to increase the value of audits to your company. Turn the exercise into valuable input to your risk management and due diligence.

Contact us today to get started.

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