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Risk Bebcnhmarling



In the course of your day-to-day you collect, process, store, and selectively distribute a large amount of business information.  Your organization incurs a wide range of responsibilities with respect to protection of confidential data, including:

  • Appropriate controls around access to information

  • Integrity of business information and transactions

  • Availability of business systems and continuity of business operations

  • Compliance with all legislative requirements and contractual obligations

  • Exercising and substantiating an appropriate amount of due diligence

Compliance requirements change and the threat landscape evolves. Risks are a moving target. Vendors will tell you what they want you to hear. You would like to quantify how well you are doing in each risk and compliance area, compared to your peers and the standards used by auditors to assess your security posture.

Visibility into your risks | Knowing where you stand | Building the right priorities into your strategy

Strata performs a security positioning (benchmark) exercise to enable our clients to determine the robustness of existing processes and controls used to safeguard their business and client information.

  • In-depth, actionable analysis - recommendations go deeper than generic statements stating best practices. All references and recommendations include actionable items to improve the cost-effectiveness and coverage of controls.

  • Implementation support - advisors are ready to discuss governance and operational metrics that are applicable to your business, considering the organization’s size and vertical, compliance and protection objectives.


  • Process repeatability - the outcomes will enable the exercise to be re-done in the future, using your own resources, following the same methodology. After the gap remediation starts, your team can measure and plot improvements using the same steps, allowing management to receive ongoing updates. 


  • You retain all intellectual property - our clients retain the capability to repeat the process as many times as needed to track and manage their security posture, with or without consultation from us.

Your goal is to identify and quantify the risk and maturity levels of all internal processes and systems in scope. You will gain effective visibility into the current posture of your information security and privacy protection capabilities. We will uncover gaps that may exist relative to industry and peer practices or applicable standards. The outcome is a clear risk mitigation strategy and a detailed roadmap with steps to address those gaps in a planned, organized, and cost-efficient manner.

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