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System Testing



The business is relying more than ever on your IT infrastructure and applications to operate. Business applications are exposed to the Internet, and they are expected to resist most attacks. You would benefit from expert assistance to perform an independent security test (ethical hack, vulnerability assessment or penetration test) to make sure that your systems are ready.  

As you manage your infrastructure you must have visibility into the current effectiveness of your security capabilities. This means identifying any security weaknesses that may exist, and addressing all gaps in a planned, structured, and cost-efficient manner.  

Penetration testing is an invaluable technique to any organization's security strategy. It is the only way to know for real if a system is resilient to attacks, and determine how your infrastructure would react if a hostile agent attempted to break in or render it inoperable.

At the same time, penetration testing can be a high-risk activity that requires the right expertise to minimize the impact on target systems. Unless the tests are done by an experienced team using highly calibrated tools and methods, they may slow or completely disable the targets due to misconfigured scanning and hacking attempts.

Proven methods | Safe attack protocols | Efficient reporting


Strata employs detailed controls to contain the impact and intrusiveness of the testing exercise. We will match the penetration activities, tools and methods with the desired level of knowledge, attack capability, and target requirements. We deliver outcomes that are communicated in both technical and business language. Our reports include risk quantification per asset and specific recommendations and follow-up activities to achieve the desired level of risk mitigation. Results are confidential so that you may close all gaps, re-test, and get a clean final report.

We deliver value by:

  • Evaluating, through controlled hacking attempts, the current state of security of a system or network

  • Identifying vulnerabilities of a particular system element

  • Exploiting those vulnerabilities in a controlled manner

  • Simulating the same attack methods used by a single hacker, hostile group, competitor, or disgruntled employee

  • Considering both internal and external attack scenarios, with or without access credentials or inside knowledge

  • Performing preemptive attacks in preparation for a larger assessment, audit, or due diligence process

Unless you expose your network and applications to a professional team of testers, you will never know how these systems would behave when faced with an attacker - except when the real attack happens.

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