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About Strata



Because you have many responsibilities but limited resources. The business is demanding more from you but you can't hire right now. Security is not where you spend most of your time but you are accountable to manage risks. With security and compliance gaps, sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. IT risk management can be complex, and time-consuming.

We know. We have been there before - many times.

Managing risks is for seasoned professionals

All consultants working for Strata have at least 10 years of experience, bringing an unique blend of IT security, risk management, auditing and management experience across several industries. Small boutique shops cannot afford senior advisors, and big firms save money by employing recent graduates. Good for the economy, bad for your business. We don't hire junior consultants, and we don't have a 'Careers' page. We work with whom we know, and our clients trust. No bait-and-switch, sell the partner and deliver a junior analyst playing with checklists. This is about your business.


Education and certifications are just the beginning - experience is key.


When you need a senior advisor with specific exposure to your sector, who has experienced similar challenges in the past, that is exactly what you get from us.

It's not just about
the money

Risk exposure has less to do with how much you have than how well you use your budget. It's about planning and execution. Over-investing is as risky as under-investing: when you under-invest you may lose money, but if you over-invested you already did that. Partnering with the right advisor means that you will understand where the real risks are. Know what your peers are doing right now, and what auditors and regulators really want to see. 

Invest where the real issues are.

When you work with Strata you are relying on a worldwide network of risk professionals who have led security budgeting exercises before, collaborating to give you the best insight you can get. You don't need to make these decisions alone.

Your virtual Risk and Security Office

Managing vendors, detecting and responding to potential incidents, writing and enforcing policies, advocating the right message to the business: this is a full time job, and it demands a senior leader. The business sees the benefit but the company is not there yet. 


Get immediate help, deliver results, manage your costs. It doesn't need to
be all-or-nothing.


The virtual risk, privacy or security office approach offers you on-demand access to a dedicated team of professionals who will be there when you need them. You can customize the partnership model to suit your budget, needs and priorities. As your business growths, our advisors will even assist you with hiring the right professional for you.

Guarantee the return on your investment

Sometimes we will exercise the right not to accept new assignments, if we feel that a client does not have a clear understanding of the outcomes or has unrealistic expectations. When we partner with a client it means that our management team is 100% committed to a successful outcome. 


We will meet or exceed your expectations - or we will point you in the right direction.

We ask lots of questions before we work with a client to solution a business problem. We want to be sure that we understand the problem to be solved, and that Strata is the right advisory company for you. If we are not 100% qualified to meet all your needs we may, at no cost to you, assist in finding the best partner - rather than leave you at the mercy of less ethical agents in the market.

Read more about how our Services can help you realize your goals.

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